Caleb – Text-Messaging Specialist

Text-Message Marketing is an increasingly useful way to attract and update customers. Retailers currently on the program have seen an increase in basket size and trip frequency from their participating customers. Text marketing has the advantage of being simple and effective. These messages are used to inform new and existing customers of promotions, new products, item discounts and other information that might interest them.

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TEXT-MESSAGE MARKETING: Surprise Deals Drive Sales

Four steps to how text message marketing works.

We’ll set up keywords either for entire banner or one store, then help you plan & execute promotions to encourage consumers to opt in.

99% of text messages are read. 94% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes.

You can write & send texts yourself using the online portal, or we can provide our expertise to write and send the texts for you.

Examples of the content sent through our texting program.

Customers receive your special offers directly to their phone, then visit your store to redeem

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