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Welcome to the AWG Marketing/Advertising Blog!

Each and every day the specialists in the Marketing/Advertising department answer lots of questions. We answer questions from retailers and customers and colleagues and friends and family. We answer questions related to grocery to social media to email to print to coupons and more. Sometimes we answer the same question multiple times, in multiple different ways. That is why we started this blog.

We’re here, ready and willing to answer your questions and bring you the latest in the industry. How are other retailers engaging with consumers and driving sales? What new tools are out there to take advantage of? Which traditional marketing programs are continuing to draw in customers?  It’s hard to keep up with everything going on in marketing & advertising these days, but we have a team of talented professionals following the trends, attending seminars and testing their ideas for retailers in big cities and rural areas. Whether marketing for one store or many, the tools and strategies are similar and we’re going to share them with you.

As the grocery industry changes, we’re all trying to keep up. We have competition coming in the form of traditional stores and new-fangled online solutions and we’re in the sector of the industry changing the most: Marketing & Advertising.

The goal is to educate, inform and showcase the expertise and ideas that come out of the marketing & advertising departments here at AWG. Don’t see a post on a question you have? Share it with us, either email, twitter @AWGAdvertising or on facebook. In the meantime, come back weekly to see what’s happening in the industry, what other retailers are doing and how we’re pursuing opportunities to help our retailers succeed in the new marketplace.  It’s here we’ll be Connecting the Dots.

Why do I work at AWG? “I value the opportunity to work with family businesses. My dad owned his own business for 35 years, so it is what I know and cherish. Plus, I love food, so thinking about it everyday is a huge plus.” -Kate