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Which browser should I use on my desktop computer?

Last month I went to a 2 day class to learn about some new coding tips for our websites (HTML5 and CSS3). I know this is a topic where I would normally lose the attention of most retailers, but hold on. Have you ever called our IT dept looking for something online and they tell you to “click the green button” or “do you see the text that reads _______?” and it simply isn’t there?

“No”, you reply, rubbing your eyes, looking all over your screen.

Then you know what’s coming next “what browser are you using?”

Not all browsers are created equal for different tasks, like showing data, making text a color that isn’t the same as your background, important stuff.

Our instructor gave us a link to a chart that shows 14 tasks that can or can not be done on certain browsers/versions. Here is the link: http://www.quirksmode.org/html5/inputs.html However, I can give you the short version of this chart. This could shed some light on which browser and version to use that could lead to less time spent on the phone with IT.

Internet Explorer 9 could not complete 13 of the 14 simple tasks. Yikes!

Internet Explorer 10 could not complete 4 of the 14 simple tasks. Meh.

Chrome 17 for Windows could not complete 3 of the 14 simple tasks. Still not perfect, I know.

So which browser do you use? Have you wanted to upgrade but ran into a issue where the upgrade wasn’t compatible with another program you use? Tell us what was that program was in the comments. That is if you can SEE the comments.


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