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Don’t Laugh at Your Own Joke by Liking Your Own Post

Sometimes, you have a joke that (you think) is so witty and clever, you just can’t wait to get to the punchline before you start laughing out loud. Then, before you realize it, you’re laughing at your own joke before anyone else. Awkward, right? While laughing at your own joke is sort of an unspoken social stigma, I see it occur all the time on Facebook business pages. Read on to find out what I mean.

When you publish a post on a Facebook business page, it’s sent to your page’s timeline and you fan’s news feeds. And, since you have to like your own business page on Facebook to manage it, it’s also sent to your personal newsfeed. Follow me? The problem here is when you post from your business page and it appears in your personal newsfeed, any action you take (liking, sharing, commenting) on the post will be attributed to your business page and not your personal Facebook account. Your business name (instead of your name) will be listed along with your fans who liked your post. Or, as I call it, the social media equivalent of laughing at your own joke.

Facebook post showing pizza with feature of how to like it exploded

You can now like or comment as one of the Pages you manage on Facebook.

Luckily, last month Facebook rolled out a change to all Page admins that allows you to like or comment as yourself instead of your business page on any post. At the bottom right hand corner of Page posts and event posts, you can now choose to like and comment as yourself, or any page that you admin. So, now you’re able to interact with the posts you publish from your personal account. This is important for many retailers, especially small ones, as the owner or upper management (you) is the store’s biggest advocate.

Along with the ability of interacting with your own posts, Page admins are now able to jump in the conversation from other brands easily. While this was possible prior to this change by selecting “use facebook as your page”, that option was somewhat hidden. Now that this option is more readily accessible, it seems Facebook is encouraging brands to join in on the conversation. This provides a great opportunity to gain exposure for your store when you interact with other local businesses in your town. Of course, make sure you add something meaningful to the conversation instead of commenting just for your own good!

So, when using Facebook for your business, be sure not to laugh at your own jokes. Change to your personal profile when liking or commenting on your Page’s posts. Will you be using this new feature to engage with your page and other businesses? Let us know in the comments!

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