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Publish with a purpose: LinkedIn Best Practices

Publishing with a Purpose: How Sophisticated Marketers Use LinkedIn

When marketers are helping clients decide on the right social media channels to use, rarely do they first think of LinkedIn. However, with more than 300 million users and its own blogging platform, LinkedIn has developed into a top channel for companies to distribute content and drive more traffic to corporate websites.

After research, several webinars and completing, “The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn,” I’ve compiled the following best practices on how businesses can leverage the power of the world’s largest professional social network, LinkedIn:

  1. Publish with Purpose. One of the biggest mistakes marketers make on LinkedIn is selling too much. As mentioned above, LinkedIn is a professional network for connecting with others, not pushing your products. Instead, your posts should generate awareness about your company, its culture and its available career opportunities. You want to build a community and drive traffic to your website.

*Note: As with any social network, not just LinkedIn, your goal when posting is to help customers associate your brand with certain characteristics and qualities, so they recognize and trust your company. Every time you post, make sure your content is helping you reach that goal. 

  1. Optimize your Profile. Make sure you have a robust company page by filling in all of the information in your profile. Take advantage of including rich media and blogging opportunities (LinkedIn is the only social media site to have its own blogging platform).
  1. Check your Pulse. LinkedIn’s Pulse is a newsfeed that offers tailored articles based on your interests. It is a way for marketers and all LinkedIn users to stay current on trends and industry news. Think of it as a digital newspaper that only shows you content based on what you need or want to know. You choose the Influencers, publications, common interest groups and other channels to follow.

Once your business is established on LinkedIn, start taking advantage of the many tools it offers, such as Branded Communities, Groups, Sharing Bookmarklet and more. Dive deeper into this network by reading The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn like I did.

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