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Online Grocery Shopping…it’s here to stay

Chances are your daily life is just as busy as everyone else, if not more so. You go to work, drop off and pick up the kids at school, baseball or soccer practice, gymnastics, music lessons, you name it. Then you go to the gym when you can so that you can be around long enough to watch your kids go through the same daily struggles you had, and getting a small bit of sadistic glee from it. Or perhaps you’re single and go to the gym so that you can one day enjoy all of the aforementioned rigors of daily life with kids. Either way there is still laundry, car maintenance, house keeping, dinner to consider and don’t forget about calling your mother.

The average person is busy, so it’s no wonder ebay, Amazon, and other online shopping sites have boomed. Click, click, buy and delivered to your door. So what’s the hold up with online grocery shopping? Is it consumer fear, retailer fear, or lack of knowledge on how to implement? With all the Government Food Safety Regulations I would say that fear is, and should be a non-factor. So let’s explore the other issues, because it’s obvious that online grocery shopping is the next step in our evolution. Our kids will say “remember when we had to go to the store for groceries” just like today when we say “remember when we had to get off the couch to change the channel”. Online grocery shopping is coming and it’s time for retailers to prepare for it.

Aside from online grocery shopping being the next level of convenience for consumers. It’s a great way for you to feed loved ones from afar. If you have a store in a college town or near a military base and you do not develop an online shopping format you are sure to be missing out on a tremendous opportunity.

Once you have decided to offer online grocery shopping as a service to your customers, start gaining intelligence about them from your savings or rewards program. Learn what they buy and when they buy it, knowing your customer will help you market products to them and make shopping even easier. You can also eliminate those last minute trips to the store for your customer when they happen to only need laundry detergent, because they didn’t know they were out before starting that load of work clothes they need for tomorrow.

Your store will be servicing pretty tech savvy people, so make sure you are advertising everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Website, email, use store signage, audio messaging, everything you can think of, but especially digital media. Utilize an augmented reality type of shopping experience where online shoppers will feel as though they are actually viewing your shelves. With this new technology consumers can identify certain attributes in the blink of an eye by setting certain filters in their preferences, such as gluten free. Tell the shopper a story about the product, where it came from, how it’s made, the history of the company or product itself.

The convenience created through online shopping must not be handicapped by cost. Make sure that you price the products and service competitively. A person may try out online shopping once or twice due to the curiosity, but if they feel like they have overpaid it will be quickly identified, tarnish your image, their usage of the service will be discontinued, and your program will potentially fail.

Why do I work at AWG? “Having grown up locally, my second job as a teenager was actually at Price Chopper on 78th and State Ave., also throughout the years I have known many family and friends that have worked, or are still employed with AWG. Given all my exposure to AWG I have seen a stable, growing, company that cares about it’s employees. The qualities which I hold highest from an employer.” -Bryan