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Why you need an email program for your store in 2015

Why You Need an Email Program for Your Store in 2015

If you’re looking to grow your business in the online arena (which really is a must in 2015), email marketing is probably the most powerful tool to help you do so. Email offers something no other communication channel is able to: a direct connection to your customer in real time (not to mention the useful data capture that allows you to improve how you interact with your customers).


Today, when it comes to promoting your products and business, email reigns supreme over social media and every other marketing channel (digital or traditional). When HubSpot asked 569 consumers which channel do they receive the most sales messages from companies, email was number one.

Sales Channels Chart

Customers expect to receive promotional messages via email. (Source: HubSpot Blog)


And when they asked consumers how they prefer to be contacted regarding products they are interested in, email was again number one.

Sales Channels

The best way to reach your customers is through email. (Source: HubSpot Blog)


Do you see a trend? This means that your customers of all ages prefer to receive promotional information from your business via email. (Side note: this doesn’t mean social isn’t important for selling, it just means it shouldn’t be your primary goal on that channel. In the big picture, a good social media strategy will build trust with your customers and likely lead them to open your emails).


When customers opt-in to your email program, it’s extremely valuable to your business. Think of it like this: giving your email address to a company is like giving your phone number to someone who you’d like to date. It means your customers truly feel a connection to your business. Plus, customers who receive your emails tend to spend 83% more when shopping, with their orders typically being 44% larger.


So, now that you know how valuable email can be to your business and your customers are looking for your promotional messages in their inbox, how can you ensure your email program is effective? It’s simple, really. I like to follow this mantra from the BuzzFeed email policy (I’ve modified for our industry): ‘Always do what’s best for your customers, and delight them with every email.’ If you deliver delight, your email program will see success. What do I mean by delight? Simply put, go above and beyond what your customers expect from you (or other brands). An unexpected coupon in their inbox, timely and relevant messages, helpful cooking tips and useful meal ideas for those busy weeknights…. that’s delivering delight. Give them reasons to share your emails with friends and family. And remember, don’t send too many emails or come off as spammy with overly-promotional messages. Customers will unsubscribe from your messages, which means you’ve lost that connection with them forever.

Why do I work at AWG? “I love helping local businesses grow and compete at the next level. I also think it’s exciting to take grocery shopping, something everyone does, and make it a very personal experience through new digital marketing tactics.” – Jason