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Brand Advocates Start from Within

Recently, we installed a TV monitor that displays social media feeds, recent news, AWG Brands’ digital activity, and we even sneaked in some basketball scores from the tournament. Why would we invest in displaying this information to our employees? The answer is because the advocates for your brand, company or store start internally. To gain these brand advocates, you have to communicate with them so that they are aware of what your organization is accomplishing.

Here are a few goals of the monitor and how they can translate for you:

  • Create familiarity with social media platform activity. We post AWG corporate and division, industry, and our retailers’ social feeds. This way, those employees outside of the Marketing Department who don’t work with social media on a daily basis know what is trending and important in the digital world. Likewise, you should let your employees know if you have social media accounts and encourage them to not only Like or follow those pages, but to check back to see new activity often.
  • Exposure to digital activities of AWG Brands. If you didn’t know it before, Best Choice, Clearly Organic, Superior Selections and Always Save are active on social media and other digital channels. Each day, these brands share social posts, promotions and coupons with their customers. This is great content that is free for retailers to use and share on their own digital platforms.
  • Insight into retailer and industry news. The monitor assists AWG employees in staying up to date on the latest news surrounding our industry, our retailers and competitors. This helps us better serve our retailers and never miss a beat when it comes to spotting trends and important information.
  • Improved communication surrounding AWG Brands & AWG Corporate news. Communication is key to employee success, especially in regards to company news.

The point of sharing about AWG’s new monitor is not to convince you to invest in your own. The goal is to stress the importance of keeping your own employees informed about news and trending topics so that they become your best brand advocates.

Once you have internal brand support, it’s much easier to spread this advocacy outside of your organization. This is true through social media, word-of-mouth marketing and more. If you have a great company, tell people about it! Starting internally. Want more on this subject and how it relates to your social media strategy? Check out Melanie’s blog.

Why do I work at AWG? “I work with an amazing team that values creativity and innovation. I enjoy tackling new opportunities and challenges each day that, of course, always involve food!” -Cara