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Adding Value for Your Customers on Social Media

So you’ve created a social media profile for your store. You advertise it with in-store signage and encourage your employees to follow it and promote it from their profiles. Now what? You can set up a promotion to gain new followers and increase engagement with current followers. But you can’t run social media promotions all the time. How do you add value for those customers who follow your profile(s)?

The answer will vary from store to store. It’s important for you to know your audience and understand what will add value for them. Is your store in a college town where customers would find value in sales on inexpensive, easy-to-prepare food? Do you live in an area with a big “foodie” culture that would find value in posts about interesting new recipes or unusual ingredients sold at your store? Determine your store’s main demographic and find out what they want to see on your profile(s).

For example, Zoomin Market in Olathe, Kan. recently launched an insider Twitter account in addition to their regular Twitter profile. The store, as well as the idea of a pick-up only online grocery store, is new to the market. So the “Zoominsider” Twitter account (which is completely run by Zoomin employees) was created to give followers a look inside the store, how the store’s unique process works from the employee’s side, facts about the store, etc.

Zoomin Insider Twitter Account

You certainly don’t have to set up a separate, employee-run social media account to provide value to your customers. You can do something as simple as set up a deal that you distribute only on social media. Stamford Cash Saver in Stamford, TX offers special one-day deals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These “hot deals” receive some of the highest engagement on their page. More importantly, the Facebook special sales have helped the store increase overall sales since they began posting the deals.

Stamford Cash Saver One Day Deal Facebook Post
If you don’t know what your customers would find value in from your social media pages, you have several options to learn more about them. You can do research by sending a survey to your customers and prospects, asking them about why they do or do not shop at your store and how you can provide better service to them on your digital properties (website, social media, mobile apps, etc.). 

However, those surveys take time and cost money. A less expensive option is to experiment on your page with different types of posts. Try posting a one-day deal once a week, or even a few times each week. Give it some time to catch on. If you don’t notice any changes in your engagement on that page or in your store, try something else. 

The most important thing to do is listen to your customers and understand what they want. Then figure out the best way to provide it to them on your social media profiles. Don’t just assume you know what they want and post the same thing day after day, week after week. The most exciting thing about social media is that it’s always changing and always providing new and interesting ways for you to interact with your followers. 

Need help coming up with a social media strategy that provides value to your customers? At AWG, we can help you create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will work best for your business and bring the most value to your customers.

Why do I work at AWG? “I like working for a company that supports local, often times family-owned, businesses in everything they do in order to help them succeed and stay competitive. It’s great to interact with the stores on a daily basis and learn about their story and the communities they serve.” -Melanie