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Quote: "Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign." -Jon Buscall

The Latest Trends in Social Media Content Planning & Listening

Last week, I attended the emfluence User Conference with several of my AWG Marketing colleagues. The conference gathered digital marketers and IT professionals from a variety of industries to learn about the latest trends surrounding social media and email marketing. Alyssa Murfey, emfluence’s own Director of Strategy, presented “Social Content Planning & Listening” covering new features, ideas and strategies affecting social media content. Here are a few key points:

Google Analytics

This important tool is loaded with features to help you discover the types of digital content that are working for your brand and also guide future posts. If you’re not looking at this data, it’s time to start! One metric that you may want to take a look at is Trackbacks. This report shows you the people who are sharing links to your content. This creates a great opportunity to form relationships with people who are already your brand advocates. It also allows you to examine what kind of content is appealing to others.


Formally known as the social site for women and weddings, Pinterest has been changing. Now 33 percent of Pinterest users are male. With the large number of recipe ‘pins’ shared each day, Pinterest is a great opportunity for food brands and retailers for a variety of reasons.

  • Pinterest serves as a mini search engine. Users can search keywords to see what’s popular. Brands and retailers can also optimize pins with these keywords to gather more traffic to their Pinterest boards and website.
  • Paid Pins are Pinterest’s fairly new form of advertising. Retailers can start with pins that have already performed well and place advertising money behind them to reach a larger audience. Unlike Facebook, advertisers should go keyword crazy when creating their pins, because it makes that pin’s audience larger instead of more defined. Murfey recommends using at least 20 keywords and up to 150!


It’s no secret that video is making a large impact in the social media world, especially on Facebook. Thanks to smartphones, videos are easier than ever to upload directly to social media sites. Cinemagraphs, a type of GIF file in which only a portion of the photograph moves, are also gaining popularity.

Facebook has long been the social media best friend to marketers due in part to its robust analytics program known as Facebook Insights. This free data allows you to evaluate which posts are performing successfully. It also gives you guidance on when to plan future posts by checking the time of day and days of the week that your fans are online. A quick tip from Murfey: Always use shortened links (like bit.ly) when posting to Facebook. Why? Facebook Insights only track unique clicks, not total clicks like link shortening services can show.


Although I have yet to test it myself, Murfey was singing the praises of Iconosquare. This site gives key metrics about Instagram accounts and allows for easier browsing of Instagram photos, influencers and relevant hashtags. I’ll be researching this tool more in the coming weeks.

The above-mentioned tips and trends just brush the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media content marketing, but Murfey only had an hour to share her expertise with the conference attendees. That’s why she ended with this quote that correctly describes her topic:

“Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” –Jon Buscall

Want to read more about what we learned at the conference? Check out Jason’s blog about trends in email.

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