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How to Be Successful Selling on Facebook

The very last day of 2014, I published a blog post that explained why you must earn the right to promote on social media (read it here). Even in the fast-paced world of social media, I believe that principle still stands today: you must add value to your social networks and stay away from being overly-promotional. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have success selling on Facebook and other social media sites! In this post, we’ll look at a recent retailer case study and explain how you can be successful with selling on Facebook.

When you’re really wanting to get the word out about an upcoming sale or promotion, the best tactic on social sites, especially Facebook, is to set it up as a paid advertisement. While organic reach isn’t dead, it doesn’t typically work well for promotional posts, you’ll find much greater reach when you put some dollars behind your social promotion.

With that said, make sure your ad get the point across quickly and efficiently so you’re maximizing your advertising dollars spent. Here are a few key points when setting up an ad:

  • Always include an image! The human brain naturally processes images before text, so an interesting and accurate image of your promotion will help gain attention.
  • Ensure your image doesn’t have too much text. Facebook bans ad images with more than 20% text, and for a good reason, they look too overly promotional. You want your image to draw eyes into your post, not distract them with a billboard image. Going back to psychology, brains have a tendency to block out anything that looks like an advertisement. Keep your images interesting, accurate and basic.
  • Keep the message short and include a clear call-to-action. Facebook users are scrolling through their newsfeeds to see what’s new, and when your ad post pops up, you only have a limited time to capture their attention and understand if they need to take action.
  • Target your audience wisely. Make sure you don’t get too broad in choosing your paid audience. Keep your location targeting within 10 miles of your store and ensure you target the appropriate age group (think about the minimum head of household age for making food buying decisions).


FB Ad Post
To show how a successful ad can be executed, let’s look at a quick case study. During the Memorial Day holiday weekend, one of our AWG retailers wanted to drive awareness for a Truckload Meat Sale at one of their newer locations. We worked to pull together creative and ad copy, then put $100 behind the post to help boost the audience into their hometown. In short, the results were fantastic! Here’s what the retailer said after it ended:

We did more sales in the 2 days there than we typically do in a 7 day week. It could not have gone better and I actually talked to customers in the store on Friday and Saturday who said they came because they saw it on Facebook. Money well spent!

Following the key points I mentioned above, this ad reached over 8,000 people and had 105 likes, comments and shares! This example shows that selling on Facebook can be successful. If you’d like to learn more about social media or Facebook, view our other blog posts here, or leave us a comment below!

Why do I work at AWG? “I love helping local businesses grow and compete at the next level. I also think it’s exciting to take grocery shopping, something everyone does, and make it a very personal experience through new digital marketing tactics.” – Jason