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There’s A Plug-in For That

In reference to mobile phone users, you may have heard people say, “There’s an app for that.” In the WordPress world, you may hear, “There’s a plugin for that.” At the recent WordPress Camp in Kansas City, some of the collaboration included conversations on plugins.

Do you need help backing up your WordPress site? There are plugins for that.

If you don’t care to use comments on your website, disable them. If you do think comments would be helpful, be prepared to get a lot of spam, although you can use a plugin called Akismet to help control spam.

Videos are a popular form of media on the internet. If you want something more custom-looking on your website to play videos other than embedding Youtube, you can select from video player plugins.

While plugins add to the functionality of a website, it is not wise to use more than a few plugins on one site. Having too many increases the risk of them conflicting with each other and not being able to keep up with the many updates that are released. For the same reason, beware of themes that have a lot of functionality packaged into them. It is more convenient when they come with functionality, but they may end up being a nightmare down the road when it comes time to update your site. It is best to choose a theme based on its appearance or category of the theme and then add plugins yourself to make the site function the way you want it to. In my opinion, the plugins are what make a WordPress site fun to build.

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