Taking your Loyalty on the Go

Loyalty programs are one of the best, most reliable and efficient ways to keep customers coming back. But ironically, the key to a making your loyalty program work even better might be to avoid being too loyal to it’s original format. Trends suggest the days of filling out a form and scanning a loyalty card may be over. As is the case with almost everything these days, people want it on their phones.


Customers have grown tired of keeping track of multiple loyalty cards and receiving rewards through a multitude of platforms. The best solution to that problem is to simply keep them all in one place: on your phone. By simply signing customers up through their phone number or having an app for them to download, the efficiency of their shopping trip and check out will greatly improve. Apps can allow customers to keep track of their loyalty bonuses as well as receive special notifications when they are in the store, via the iBeacon.


Mobile marketing usage is finally making the evolution from an often talked about possibility to a surefire way to improve business. A study from Salesforce found that in the past year, amount of marketers reporting using some sort of mobile marketing has doubled. The same study found that loyalty efforts were now the the most popular type of mobile campaigns. But if the giant up-tick in mobile loyalty programs isn’t telling enough, they also rank number one in marketing effectiveness.


It’s not just massive companies like Target and Starbucks hopping on this trend, though. Companies of all sizes are finding mobile loyalty to make a big differences. Flok, a mobile loyalty marketing service, signed up 30,000 small and mid-sized businesses in the final quarter of last year alone.


By offering your loyalty program in the form of a mobile phone app, you could vastly increase the number of customers redeeming their loyalty rewards and reach a younger audience. And although we’re talking about loyalty here, future customers might prove to be rather disloyal if you fail to adapt to their needs. In fact, 60 percent of millennials say they are willing to switch brands if it means better benefits. So by simply making your loyalty program mobile, you could be inviting a whole new generation of shoppers into your store!