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Lessons Learned from KCDMA Bootcamp

Just over two weeks ago was the annual Direct Marketing Bootcamp, hosted by the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association. This bootcamp was an interactive, all-day workshop where we reviewed how to craft compelling offers, create campaigns that are effective and measurable, and how and what to measure to determine program success.

Here are four key takeaways from the event that you should be thinking about when marketing your store:

  1. Make sure you follow these 3 factors for success with a direct mail campaign:
    – List (40%) – Are you targeting the right people?
    – Offer (40%) – Is your offering compelling enough for your customers to act on?
    – Creative (20%) –  Make sure the look and feel of your direct mail is clean and enticing.
  2. Test EVERYTHING! The overall theme to every successful marketing campaign is to test early, and test often. Make sure you send the best offer out to your customers by sending the promotion first to a test group. And don’t stop testing! Just because an offer or promotion worked well before, doesn’t always mean it will continue to perform well. Testing campaigns is a critical piece of success with any marketing effort.
  3. Press releases aren’t for the press. If you have a newsworthy event you want to be picked up by the media, don’t count on a press release to help much. The best way to get featured by the local media is to contact them directly and pitch the highlights of your event. Press releases are now more for SEO (search engine optimization) so customers can be directed to your site to learn more about the news.
  4. A great way to improve your Google ranking is to have content on your website that people want to share. When other people start linking to your content from other websites, Google views that as a key indicator that your website produces quality content that others want to see. This will help boost your Google ranking overall. Considering adding a blog to your site and regularly publish quality content (recipes, health and cooking tips, etc.) that your customers will want to share with their family and friends.

Implementing these takeaways can greatly help increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. For more marketing tips and tricks, be sure to check out our other blog posts or follow the AWG Marketing / Advertising team on Twitter at @AWGAdvertising.

Why do I work at AWG? “I love helping local businesses grow and compete at the next level. I also think it’s exciting to take grocery shopping, something everyone does, and make it a very personal experience through new digital marketing tactics.” – Jason