Engaging Hispanic Shoppers

When it comes to reaching out to customers in your area, it can be easy to forget they don’t all fit the same mold. Some shoppers think different then others, expect different shopping experiences, and even speak a different language. U.S. Hispanic shoppers, for instance, are a group that is shopping at a much higher rate than other shoppers, and they enjoy very different shopping and dining experiences as well. It’s important to consider the needs of these shoppers in both your in-store marketing, as well as your digital strategies. Here’s how their experience differs, and how your engagement efforts can be even more inclusive!



U.S. Hispanic shoppers differ greatly in comparison to total shoppers in the country. They spend 30 dollars more on average, are 18 percent more likely to sit down and eat a meal with their family, and nearly always shop with another person. There are a variety of ways to make their shopping experience more enjoyable through in-store strategies. The numbers above show family mealtime is a priority to these customers, given their propensity to shop and eat with their families. Marketing meals that appeal to the entire family, like prepared foods and items that could make cooking easier, could be beneficial to the shopper and your store alike. Another in-store solution to reaching out to U.S. Hispanic shoppers is through the Smart Source rebate program. This in-store advertising program utilizes shelf signage, coupon machines and floor ads to advertise certain brands at no cost to the store. This program could greatly benefit your shoppers whose first language is not English, as you can sign up for Smart Source en Espanol and receive bilingual signage (For more information, contact [email protected]).



In terms of reaching out to Hispanic customers outside of the store, utilizing digital resources is crucial. Tech-savvy Hispanics are utilizing digital tools for their grocery shopping at a much higher rate than total U.S. shoppers (73 percent vs 60 percent). According to Liz Sanderson at SupermarketNews.com, U.S. Hispanics are more likely to use mobile technology, social media and apps for grocery shopping.  Half of them purchased a grocery item online in the past year, too, which is ten percentage points higher than total U.S. shoppers. Making your digital coupons and weekly circulars appeal to your Hispanic shoppers by adding a second language or emphasizing products that are more interesting to these customers can approve your reach and their overall shopping experience!