Using “Donations” to Grow Sales

For most retailers, receiving a donation request is fairly commonplace, be it a friend running a race to benefit a charity, school kids selling candy/cookies/household items, or non-profits looking to support a cause. For individuals, it’s easy to pick and choose where and how much monetary support to give; for a business in the community, that decision can be harder. Independent retailers’ commitment to their community is what sets them apart from other businesses, but handing out checks to everyone asking doesn’t make business sense. Is there a best of both worlds? A way to support community organizations while driving sales and creating loyalty? Yes, the Fundraiser Coupon Book.

The Fundraiser Coupon Book was created as a way retailers can respond to donation requests, but also bring additional value to their community and their store. AWG Marketing works with National and Private Label brands to create a collection of high value coupons for popular items and assembles them in a book personalized to each store. All books include the store’s logo on the front and back covers with the option to have a custom cover designed that is unique to that banner. The book also includes a coupon for $5 off of a $50 basket good only at that store location. Books generally represent $40 in total value to the consumer and arrive in late July prior to the start of the school year. The coupons are valid from August 1 of the current year to July 31 of the subsequent year, giving retailers the opportunity to sell the books throughout the year. Including coupons for everyday items encourages customers to return to the store, helpful recipes and tips included in the coupons can grow the basket.

While the traditional Fundraiser Coupon Book method has been to sell to requesting groups for $1 with a suggested end consumer price of $5, there are some new, innovative ways that retailers are using their Coupon Books. Such as:

  • Working with local groups to pair Coupon Book with Apples for the Students and/or Save-A-Label to create a comprehensive school fundraiser program
  • Using website banners/social media to promote the Coupon Books and attract new groups to the program
  • Including as a bag stuffer, at only $.10 per book it’s an inexpensive way to promote customer loyalty
  • An incentive to try a new program like cooking classes, catering, pharmacy/immunizations or signing up for new services like online ordering, email, or text programs

And, finally, the tried and true method: If a group comes in to ask for a donation train they can be directed to the Fundraiser Coupon Book as an opportunity that not only supports their cause but also a local business. 


Why do I work at AWG? “I chose to work at AWG because I want other people to love shopping local grocers as much as I do.” -Andrea