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Assortment of Best Choice products

The Evolution of AWG Brands

Private-label, store brands, generic versions – what were once looked upon as cheap, inferior products have evolved into popular brand portfolios with loyal customers.

AWG Brands, like Best Choice and Clearly Organic, historically have been priced lower compared to leading national brands because they don’t carry advertising and promotional costs that most national brands do. Although our store brands still boast a lower cost, the AWG Brands team has worked to develop a promotional program to better assist retailers in marketing these products and increasing sales over the past few years.

Evidence shows that these tactics are working and the perception surrounding store brands is becoming more favorable. According to a recent Nielson study 71 percent of global respondents say private-label quality has improved over time. As we enter the last quarter of the year, marketing plans for 2016 are already in the works. Here’s an update on the enhancements made so far:

Both Best Choice and Clearly Organic recently received logo makeovers. These brand upgrades resonate better with today’s consumers and are easily recognizable. The brand logos are not the only makeovers that have taken place. Trailer skins are also receiving updates to match the new logos and raise brand recognition outside of the stores.

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Member retailers on the Insignia program may have noticed an upgrade in the AWG Brands’ signage quality. These signs are now dye cut with eye-catching designs to help increase sales among your store’s customers.

Insignia before upgrades Insignia after upgrades


On the digital marketing spectrum, each of the four AWG Brands have received a revamped online presence to better serve digitally-connected consumers. Last year, new, user-friendly websites were created for each brand. Strategic plans for social media channels have also been established including tactics such as: online coupons, email clubs, product giveaways, contests and more. The AWG Brands team has significantly invested in social media advertising, which provides a cost-effective return on investment compared to most traditional advertising. These initiatives are all covered by AWG Brands and free for member retailers to utilize.

If you have questions about any of these initiatives or want help implementing them for your stores, please contact Cara.

Why do I work at AWG? “I work with an amazing team that values creativity and innovation. I enjoy tackling new opportunities and challenges each day that, of course, always involve food!” -Cara