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More Facebook Fans = More Loyal Customers

I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors that “Facebook is dead” and that all the kids are more interested in Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr or some other new app or platform that’s just been released. Some retailers see these rumors as a reason to avoid setting up a Facebook page for their store or to stop spending the time and money to maintain their current Facebook page. However, these retailers aren’t taking into consideration that teenagers and young adults in their early 20s aren’t necessarily their store’s key demographic. They also aren’t taking into consideration how important Facebook still is to consumers and the brands who market to them. Facebook isn’t the newest social platform, but it’s still the largest network based on accounts and active users.

In their most recent weekly Coffee with CART webinar, the Advancing Retail team discussed some interesting new statistics about how engaged Facebook users relate to grocery sales. Sterling Hawkins and Gary Hawkins highlighted several articles on last week’s call, but one news release stood out to them — and me — in particular.

Last month, Collective Bias released data illustrating the relationship between Facebook fans and revenue in grocery stores. The shopper social media company studied 600,000+ loyalty card members before and after they became Facebook fans of a large regional grocery chain. One of the most interesting pieces of data revealed that a Facebook fan spends almost 50% more than a non-Facebook fan over time. And this correlation actually became stronger over the last three years. So much for the death of Facebook!

The study also showed that Facebook fans who posted 10 or more times on a grocery store’s Facebook page spent over $1,000 more annually than a typical customer. That’s 95% more than their typical customer! Facebook fans also visited the store more frequently and bought more total items than non-Facebook fans.

What can you, as an independent grocery store, do with this information? This study covered a large regional grocery chain but you can still apply this information to your single store or smaller chain of stores. Creating an engaging Facebook presence isn’t something that only large companies with massive marketing budgets can do. Your store can use a strong Facebook presence to increase sales too!

Here are a few tips to create a Facebook page that will have your customers engaged and keep your store at the top of their minds when it’s time to go grocery shopping:

  • Visual graphics are key

    • These are especially powerful if you can find the right picture to tell your story: new or local products, fun in-store displays, employees showing one of your services (ie, cutting meat, cake decorating), archive pictures for Throwback Thursday, etc.
    • Use visual graphics to highlight a new recipe or food tip you’re sharing. Customers are more likely to stop and read about it if the content includes a picture that will catch their attention.

  • Post content that adds value to customers

    • Don’t post content about your store every day (weekly ads, hot deals, specials).
    • Share tips, recipes and interesting facts that will appeal to your customer base.
    • Sponsor giveaways on your Facebook page to have fun with current fans and draw in new fans.

Think of your store’s Facebook page as a digital store front. Draw in those current and potential customers with fun and engaging content and watch your list of loyal in-store customers grow!

Why do I work at AWG? “I like working for a company that supports local, often times family-owned, businesses in everything they do in order to help them succeed and stay competitive. It’s great to interact with the stores on a daily basis and learn about their story and the communities they serve.” -Melanie