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Slowing Down to Enjoy the Shopping Experience

slow-property-sign-k-1311Maybe it’s time we change attitudes and perceptions about grocery shopping.

As an increasing number of stores begin offering online ordering for easy pick up or delivery options, it’s obvious the industry is adapting to our on-the-go lifestyle. Many people want to get in, get out and get on with the lives.

But a recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggests retail stores change that narrative, or at least offer ways to slow down shoppers. We’ve all heard that the slower you shop, the more you spend. Online shopping can take away from impulse purchases.

So how do you slow down the shopping experience? Make your customers feel comfortable and give them an engaging experience. Offer samples, free coffee, cooking demonstrations, recipes for newer products like quinoa. As I’m grabbing quinoa off the shelf at the store, I’ve had multiple fellow shoppers ask me how to cook it. People want to learn new foods and recipes. Here’s your chance to help them out! It doesn’t feel like I’m slowing down my day if I’m enjoying myself or learning new things at the store.

You can still offer a fast and convenient experience for those who want it, but allowing customers an opportunity to slow down and enjoy their time can be just as beneficial to you.

Why do I work at AWG? “I love being a part of a fun team that creates unique ways to help independent grocery stores grow their businesses. It combines a few of my favorite things: marketing, food, and fun. Who doesn’t want to talk about food all day?” -Jimmy