GS1 Barcode Update

It’s no secret, the landscape of retail grocery is quickly changing, much of the change is being driven by advances in technology. While technology continues to drive big changes like how we advertise, shop, and interact with brands there are also technology driven changes happening in the smallest spaces; namely, the barcode. Over the past few years manufacturers and retailers alike have been migrating to a GS1, rather than, UPC barcode. Last week I attended a webinar presented by the Retail Grocery Institute, part of the GS1 initiative, which exists to help drive meaningful adoption of GS1 standards across the retail industry. They provided updates on the industry, the initiative, and how to get involved.

The Retail Grocery Institute, and GS1 Initiative, are focusing on several areas to not only benefit retailers such as faster checkout and supply chain efficiencies but also to help consumers with product information and food safety tracking. 51% of consumers use a mobile device during their store trips and 44% use interactive features to create lists, build recipes, and learn more about their products, being able to instantly access a wealth of information is becoming increasingly important.

RGI continually works to enhance electronic data synchronization through the supply chain, drive GS1 barcode adoption, and support the development of eCommerce platforms. Their goal is to drive adoption of the GS1 standards to improve supply chain visibility, product information, and operational efficiencies in order to lower total cost delivery for goods.

RGI’s takes a holistic in creating collaboration across all parts of the business in order to ensure all stakeholders are represented, consolidate and align resources, as well as drive adoption of the GS1 standards. GS1 continues to be an area of development for the industry to catch up on the GS1 initiative, education opportunities, or join a workgroup you can visit  the GS1 Website. 

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