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Screenshot of Kraft Commercial on YouTube

How Iconic Brands Embrace The Changing Grocery Industry

How do you change a classic brand and product (like 75 year-old Kraft Macaroni & Cheese) to please forward-thinking consumers, but also without alarming loyal customers? If you’ve read my past blog posts, you know I’m currently in graduate school and studying interactive media and marketing, focusing on the grocery industry. Recently, I did a case study on the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ingredient change and the marketing communications campaign surrounding it.

In Kraft’s case, they utilized traditional and digital media to communicate the change to customers after these customers had already adopted the new ingredient list, without even knowing! This unique tactic, dubbed the “largest blind taste test,” was executed at the beginning of this year and so far has proven successful for Kraft.


At the core of this case study, is the willingness of a legacy company to embrace change to meet the current needs of its customers. Kraft was faced with customer requests to follow the steps of other brands and kick out artificial flavors, colorings, and preservatives from their ingredient lists. At the same time, loyal customers have loved the classic taste of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and didn’t want it to change. Kraft satisfied both types of consumers and cleverly communicated the update.

Each day, our department works with retailers who are reluctant to embrace the change that is affecting the grocery industry. From catering to health-conscious consumers with nutritional content to satisfying digitally-savvy consumers through channels like online shopping and social media, today’s consumers have a variety of needs. Retailers need to take notice. It is possible to remain the classic, local grocer that our independent retailers are known for, while still offering cutting edge technology and services to your consumers.

To take an in-depth look at Kraft’s successful change (aka read my case study), click here.

For you visual learners, click this link for the presentation that accompanied my case study paper: Kraft Case Study Presentation.

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