CreativeMorningsKC on Risk

April is a month of risk; we risk bad weather when planning outside activities, planting after the last freeze, getting our tax returns in on time. It seemed appropriate for CreativeMornings to tackle Risk for their April discussion. Few are better qualified to speak on risk than chef and restaurateur, Celina Tio. Admittedly, I’ve been a fan of Celina Tio for years and was very much looking forward to her view on risk, as she herself acknowledged she is in one of the riskiest industries. Tio has earned acclaim locally for her focus on locally sourced cuisine and nationally from her James Beard award as well as appearances on Next Iron Chef and Top Chef Masters.   

Over and over in Tio’s career she’s taken a step out of the expected, the safe, into a new situation to great reward.  Tio started her talk with a simple phrase, “great things won’t happen to you if you don’t put yourself in uncomfortable situations.” Which though simple, is powerfully accurate. You can hear more about being uncomfortable, taking risks, and wearing uncomfortable shoes from Celina Tio HERE.


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