Photo example of wall mural in Big John grocery store with Superman because store is in town named Metropolis.

Does your store have a mural?

This timelap video I saw on my Facebook news feed of a mural being made really brightened up my day! Credit:Drumans Filmes/Gael Comunicação via  Storyful. News


After watching this video way too many times, I started thinking about the mural in the produce department at the store I worked at in High School. Would you believe customers would call the store and ask, “Is your store the one with the farm painting on the wall?” That’s STORE BRANDING!

Murals can tell a story, and combine several concepts all at once. References to historic events can evoke community and local pride. A landscape can also show location. I have seen murals in stores with musical instruments which shows a popular musical genre connected to the area, like Jazz. Really the sky is the limit on what to put in a mural. Another bonus about murals, if you can’t decide on one theme, you can collage several together.

If you have no idea where to start, the AWG Design & Decor Source Group can show you a portfolio to get your creative juices flowing. They even have an artist who specializes in murals. Another place to go might be a local high school’s art department. If you offer to pay for the supplies, and ask to see a mock up plan before hand you just might be part of a community event that will go down in history. Those who participate will bring friends and family to see the mural for years to come.

Once you have a mural, use it in your marketing. When you have contests, use the mural as a backdrop for photos of the winners and post on Facebook and Twitter. Document the progress like the artist did in the video above. The visual will make a connection with your customers to your store. If your customer likes the mural it will be a positive connection. The mural doesn’t have to be the next Sistine Chapel, but if the mural can stir up an small emotion or two, you’ve got some store branding working for your store. Just ask us for some ideas on where to use it in your marketing.

taylorsville mural


football mural


Why do I work at AWG? “It’s hard to find a native Kansan who doesn’t have family living in a small town community... and I am no exception. My family tree is full of farmers who have helped put food on our tables for over 100 years. So when I hear of a small town’s only grocery store closing down it hits home. Even though I now live in a big city, I like to know through my work I can help keep small independent grocery stores stay open for future generations to enjoy.” -Sharlyn