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Email Marketing Tips, Tricks and Trends [Recap]

Recently, AMA (American Marketing Association) held a webinar titled “Email Marketing Tips, Tricks and Trends from Brands Winning in the Inbox”. This webinar, hosted by Jamie Bradley of Emma, covered a variety of dos and don’ts when it comes to a successful email marketing strategy. Here are some quick tips and stats from the webinar to help increase the engagement with your email marketing.

If you haven’t heard, email is kind of a big deal.

First, you may be wondering, why would I focus my attention on email? Wasn’t email pronounced as a dead marketing channel 10 years ago? Wrong! Email is actually the number one activity on the internet.

But I heard social media is the new email!

While social media is definitely an important overall piece to any company’s marketing efforts, email is where you really want to promote to your customers. 70% of users said that email is their preferred method of interacting with a business online. Plus, when it comes to driving purchases, email marketing provides a 3 times higher conversion rate than social media   

On average, people receive around 125 emails per day. So, it’s important to make sure your emails cut through the noise and are read by your customers.

Okay, onto the tips!

Do you know the one of the best ways to gather email addresses? Email pop up light boxes, like the one shown in the image below, provide a 46% increase in email sign ups on average. Make sure to place these on your popular pages on your website, such as the Weekly Ad page.

Adding a lightbox sign up form to your website can increase sign ups by 46%.

Adding a lightbox sign up form to your website can increase sign ups by 46%.

Are you sending welcome emails after a customer subscribes to your email list? If not, you are missing out on one of the best ways to reach your customers. In fact, 74% of users expect to receive a welcome email when they sign up. Use your welcome email as a way of introducing yourself and your services to your customers. You can also take your welcome email to the next level with a welcome series. A welcome email series can create a chain of communication with your customers and is a great way to gather more information about your customers (e.g. dietary preferences) and explain more about what your store has to offer.

Birthday emails are another great way to get immediate returns. Customers love to be rewarded on their special day with a promotion to help them celebrate. On average, birthday emails can lift conversion rates by 60%. Consider offering a coupon or free item to your customers on their birthday as a way of saying ‘thanks for shopping with us’.

Here’s a maintenance tip for your email program. Are you sending list cleanup emails regularly? Segment customers on your email list who haven’t opened an email is quite some time and send them a list cleanup email. Yes, you will lose some emails from your list, but they weren’t opening the emails anyway. This could save you money with your email provider and ensure you’re only talking to the customers who want to hear from you.

Example list cleanup email

Example list cleanup email (Image credit: Jamie Bradley, Emma)

What has a direct effect on your email open rate? Answer: your subject line! Make sure you mix up your subject lines, don’t keep them the same every week. And make them short and conversational… like you’re sending a well-written text message to a friend.

Finally, let’s look at the anatomy of a good email. First, your email should be designed with a mobile screen in mind. 53% (and climbing) of emails are now opened on a mobile device.

Example email rendering

The use of images will help to convey your message to your customer faster than text. Ensure your email formats well on desktop and mobile devices. (Image credit: Jamie Bradley, Emma)


Example email

Image credit: Jamie Bradley, Emma

This example email from Dogfish Head provides the 3 key ingredients of a well designed email.

  1. Multimedia content – the engagement rate of videos in email is off the charts. Prominently show video and images in your email to drive clicks.
  2. Clear email copy – remember, emails are primarily read on mobile devices and your customers are scrolling through the email on their phones. Keep the text short, sweet and effective.
  3. Strong call to action – Clearly position what you are asking your customers to do.

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