flying trapeze artist

Creative Mornings – Fantasy

At the most recent Creative Mornings event I attended, Heidi Van, Founder, Actress and Producing Artistic Director at Fishtank Theatre, talked on the topic of “Fantasy – Imagination Restored”.

Do you remember a time during your childhood when you were scolded for day dreaming? Heidi says day dreaming is not so bad.

It’s a great moment when we throw ourselves into the great unknown. Imagine a trapeze artist flying from one bar to the next.

Fantasy is imagination unrestrained. Fear and doubt restrain our creativity. “Everything we desire is on the other side of fear and desire is the energy of evolution.”

“There is no one on earth more prepared to do this work than you are and no one who has more permission to create outrageous art than you do.”

To watch Heidi’s presentation, go to Heidi Van Talk.

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