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How To: Effectively Manage Virtual Teams In Creative Industries

In addition to a visual communications class that I recently wrote about, this semester I also took a management class that specifically focused on media-based management such as news outlets, marketing and advertising agencies, and corporate communications.

One subject that I studied in class and then decided to focus my research and final literature review on is virtual team management. Virtual in this context does not mean virtual reality, but instead refers to teams that communicate mostly through telecommunications or computer-mediated technology instead of face-to-face conversations. As a digital marketing team with retailers all over the country, our department works as a virtual team every single day in varying degrees.

Virtual teams have many advantages such as flexibility, larger talent pool, and others (that I outline in my literature review below), but one thing is certain: they must be managed differently than traditional teams in order to be successful. My literature review explains the skills needed to effectively manage a virtual team, along with a list of best practices to help managers enhance productivity of virtual teams, especially in the marketing industry.

Click here to read a copy of my findings: https://awgadvertising.com//wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Effectively-Managing-Virtual-Teams-In-Creative-Industries.pdf

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