Creative Mornings - Sound

CreativeMornings on Sound

Many of the events we discuss on our blog are about…well, marketing. That’s what we do. We go to events to learn how to engage better, post better, promote better. While I love the opportunity to learn more about how to market one of the best events I regularly attend isn’t about marketing at all. It’s about creativity.

Each month across the world different speakers take on CreativeMornings’ theme for the month. In December it was Sound. Local artist Calvin Arsenia beautifully shared what it means to him. While I don’t leave a CreativeMornings better versed in SEO, analytics, or the new size requirement for Facebook images, I do leave with a slightly new view of creativity, with a least one new thing to consider. Beyond the sounds Arsenia created he left me with the thought that what I make doesn’t matter as much as how my audience receives it.

You can listen to the whole session HERE.

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