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Mobile Phone home screen shortcuts

Mobile Phone Website Shortcuts

I’ve talked to a couple of our retailers lately who have asked for a way for customers to create a shortcut on their mobile phones that take them straight to the store’s website. The shortcut appears on the phone’s home screen the same way an icon to a mobile app appears. Based on which phone version you have, the steps may vary slightly but I am including them here for both the iPhone and Android.



Open website in Safari

After the website loads, touch the share icon at the bottom of the phone screen.


Touch the Add to Home Screen button.


Touch the Add link at the top of the screen.


The icon appears on the phone’s home screen.



Open website in browser

Android website shortcut demo
After the website loads, touch the More or Menu link in the upper right corner of the phone screen.


Android website shortcut demo
When the menu appears, touch Add Shortcut on Home Screen link.


Android website shortcut demo
The icon appears on the phone’s home screen.


Why do I work at AWG? I appreciate having the opportunity to use my creative and web development skills to assist our retailers in marketing their stores. AWG is a reputable company and the marketing department consists of a great team, working together in a fun environment. Plus I love to eat! I especially like trying new products.