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Survey's matter - what your customers are telling us online

Surveys Matter: What Your Customers Are Telling Us

What kind of content do your customers like to see in emails? Do they want more recipes or coupons? Do they follow you on social media? How often do they want to receive messages from you?

These are all questions that should guide your content marketing strategy. Finding the answers to these questions is easy! Simply create a survey. That’s what I recently did for the Best Choice email subscribers. I do this annually in December to help guide my marketing strategy for the coming year. It’s easy, takes little time and the feedback is valuable. Plus, surveys provide you with unbiased information that also engages your customer base. This makes them feel like their opinions matter and you care about their needs.

So what did I find out from the Best Choice customers (who are also our member retailers’ customers!)? Check out the infographic below for a summary of some of the results.

2016 Email Survey Infographic

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