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Why I Social

As we head into 2017, podcasts are becoming more and more popular. Topics are endless, but one that I have added to my rotation recently is Why I Social. Since its January 2015 launch, Christopher Barrows conducts candid interviews with a variety of people about how they are using social media. The tagline for the podcast is “from average Joe to CEO” and the guests reflect that. I have gone back and listened to past interviews to hold me over until new content is released. I enjoy hearing how a variety of different people are using social media. Barrows’ goal is for the audience to apply personal lessons for his guests.

There’s a lot of ways people are using social media and too many podcasts were focusing on only the marketing side of it,” Barrows said. “The hardest working folks in social media often aren’t given an outlet and I hoped to provide that outlet to inspire and inform.”

Aside from the interview episodes, there are two other types of episodes Five Favorites and Sessions.

Sessions is a more in-depth look into one topic that is being talked about online. The last episode delved into making tweets editable.

Sessions was the first addition to the podcast,” Barrows said. “I added it because I wasn’t the ability to get a bit more in-depth on some of the hot topics in social media. I also believed that Sessions could bring in some additional listeners to the original podcast.”

Five Favorites is a weekly episode in which Barrows and Amir Zonozi talk about their five favorite things in social media and marketing from the last week. It is a nice roundup of things that happened during the week.

Five Favorites was a natural progression as well,” Barrows said. “When I knew I wanted to expand the value of the podcast to add some open discussion on the news in social media, marketing, and technology, it only made sense to name the show Five Favorites.”

The diversity of topics for episodes keeps the pod fresh. If you work in marketing or just are interested in interesting conversations check out Why I Social. Barrows hinted that the “Why I” podcast family could be expanding this year. So be on the look out for that.

Here is the latest episode.


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