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Survey's Matter - How to create a quality survey

Surveys Matter: How To Create A Quality Survey

Last week, I wrote about the importance of surveys when it comes to connecting with your customer base and creating a content marketing strategy. I also shared some interesting results from a survey I conducted.

Now that we know why surveys matter, it’s time to explore what elements make a survey effective and useful. I sent my survey out via email. I chose this method because I know it will be seen by a segment of my customers who are engaged with my brand and more willing to share their feedback – after all, they had to take a step to opt-in to receive my emails in the first place. Conducting an email survey also typically gives you some context behind who is answering your survey questions. My email database has the participants’ names, email addresses (in case I want to follow up with more questions) and birthdays, so I have some demographic information. This helps me interpret and build upon the results.

Surveys can also be posted on social media. You can simply ask questions in a post or create a survey through emfluence (like I did) or SurveyMonkey and share the link in a post. This allows you to ask more questions at a time.

When sending out a survey, let your participants know what to expect before they click on the survey link. This transparency will draw more customers into participating. Address these questions upfront:

  • How long will the survey take?
  • How many questions are in the survey?
  • Is it anonymous?
  • Will I be rewarded for participation?
  • Why are you conducting the survey in the first place?

If it is a long survey, a progress bar showing how much participants have left to complete will help keep them engaged. Long surveys should also be broken up into sections or pages. This helps give participants a sense of accomplishment and progress.

Once participants have completed the survey, be sure to thank them! After all, they are giving you their time and feedback free of charge. You can set up an auto-responder email (if you email out the survey) or set up a “thank you” landing page to display after the survey is submitted. If your survey is conducted through a social media post, add a comment to the post thanking participants.

For information on crafting good survey questions, click here.

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