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FB Banner vs. Location

Establishing a Facebook Business Page: Banner vs. Location Pages

Now that you know how to create a Facebook business page, let’s talk banner pages and location pages. If your store has multiple locations, you might be wondering if you should create one Facebook page that represents all of your locations (banner page), or a page for each individual location. Here are a few things to keep in mind for both.

Reasons you should consider setting up a banner page:

  • You offer the same thing at every store: same items, prices, sales, services, etc.
  • You have a large number of locations and would like to keep your Facebook presence streamlined.

Reasons you should consider setting up a banner page and location pages:

  • Your products, services and messaging vary widely from store to store.
  • You notice that customers are checking in to your store regularly and you would like to discourage them from creating a new location page while also managing the check-ins by specific location. (This could be helpful if you notice customers checking in at a store and complaining. If you know exactly which store is having this problem, you can address it quickly.)
  • You want to run special online promotions at a select group of locations.
  • You have different pricing structures associated with different stores (for example, if some of your stores offer the cost plus model and some don’t, you might want to have Facebook pages created specifically for those cost plus stores to explain the pricing model specifically to those customers).

If you have decided to set up location pages, you can manually add a page for each location or you can create a banner page and then add the location pages that fall under the banner page so they will be associated with the banner page (on a “Locations” tab on the banner page). I recommend adding your location pages under a banner page. Even with location pages, it’s still a good idea to have a banner page where you can post messages that affect all store locations. Facebook makes it very easy for you to request access for this option on your business page. If you have already manually created the location pages and would like to add them as locations under the banner page, Facebook gives you that option too.

Determine how different the messaging will be for each location and what you want your goals to be for your Facebook business page. These two things will help you determine which is the best option to choose for your stores.

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