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A Millennial’s view of online grocery shopping

Online grocery shopping. You’ve been hearing about it for years, yet you haven’t seen it explode in popularity like you’ve been told.

I’m starting to be convinced that moment is right around the corner.

“I hate grocery shopping,” is a line I commonly hear from friends and family my age. “ I will definitely pay for the convenience of not having to spend time walking through the store.”

A good friend lives within walking distance of a local AWG grocery store. Where does he get his groceries? At a Hy-Vee 15 minutes away from his residence. If he wants to pick up groceries on the way home from work, it’s still more than 10 minutes out of the way from his usual commute. He even passes one or two other AWG stores on his way. Why? Because he can shop online and pick up his groceries ready to go at the front door.

Before we got married, my wife shopped for groceries when she knew she would be in the area of a store that offers online shopping. It was across town, 30 minutes from her apartment.

The thought of walking into your store scares some people so much they’ll drive out of the way to avoid it. You’re missing out on their business.

Me personally? I still make weekly trips to the grocery store, where I like searching for new or unknown products on the shelves. (I don’t know many others my age who would say the same thing.) If I had more options for online shopping near me, I’d be inclined to give them a try.

Many, including myself, are a little weary of letting someone else pick our produce, but that can easily be fixed by showing the produce as you bring it out to the car or deliver it. If the customer doesn’t like it, swap it out for another piece, and you have a satisfied customer.

You’ll quickly earn the customer’s trust, especially if you can make their life a little easier.

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Why do I work at AWG? “I love being a part of a fun team that creates unique ways to help independent grocery stores grow their businesses. It combines a few of my favorite things: marketing, food, and fun. Who doesn’t want to talk about food all day?” -Jimmy