Creative Mornings: Moments with Ryan Maybee

CreativeMornings: Moments

What is a moment? It’s a unit of time, but less finite than the ones we typically use. We know there are sixty seconds in a minute, sixty minutes in an hour, twenty four hours in a day, three hundred and sixty five days in a year. But how many moments is that?

CreativeMornings asked its February speakers to discuss Moments, in Kansas City we listened to Ryan Maybee, of J.Rieger & Co. and Manifesto (a 2017 James Beard nominee). Over the course of his talk Maybee shared moments that shaped his life, pushed him to his present moment. He discussed lessons on empathy, work ethic, resiliency, courage, perspective, loyalty, opportunity, vision, leadership, and integrity.

Dr. Seuss says “you will never learn the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” It’s hard to point to a second, a minute, an hour that changed the course of an individual’s life. Looking at moments, however, it becomes much easier.

You can view Maybee’s full talk HERE or for a fun visual look at Jasur Rakhimov’s summary HERE.

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