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Hit the Target with Online Targeted Advertising

Finding new, exciting and successful ways to market to customers can be a difficult assignment. In order to compete with other retailers and to thrive in your marketing endeavors, searching for these new avenues is a daily project that can seem endless. There are important questions to consider when looking for new marketing methods, such as: What are we already doing well? What can we do better? What’s the other guy doing? Do I really need this entire ranch dressing cup on my salad?

Okay, that last question isn’t necessarily important and I would never criticise someone’s personal preference when it comes to delicious salad dressings.

Now that you’ve done a small analysis of what you are doing and what you might do, it’s time to start thinking strategically. If you have a healthy website, online shopping program, weekly lunch special or any sort of giveaway that you’d like to promote – you MUST get as many eyes on it as possible. How would a program that distributes your ads and campaigns electronically to potential customers be useful for these tasks? With our new program, you can generate and share these digital ads using a waste-free and precision-based barrage to current and potential customers.

Alright, what is Online Targeted Advertising?

Online Targeted Advertising (OTA) allows you to target specific locations, customer bases and interested parties with a high-level, professional, digital advertising campaign. Based on your ideal campaign length and data collected on customer web browsing, we place your advertisements, promotions and special events on sites that these audiences are most frequently visiting. The program works to achieve high numbers of impressions to grow brand awareness and drive new shoppers to your store.

An Impression? Huh?

An impression refers to the moment that a website visitor has viewed, located or loaded the advertisement or post that you have chosen to distribute. While this term doesn’t include clicks, getting more eyes on your brand and advertisements can create a buzz around your store and get people talking. If clicks are what you’re concerned with, similar retailer endeavors with this program have shown a click-through rate over three times higher than the normal day-to-day rate they are used to receiving.

So, where will the ads be seen?

digital advertising, targeting, marketingAfter data is collected on website traffic in your area, our providers will conduct a media buy that purchases ad space on the sites that are most frequented by those who would be interested in your offerings. Customers will see your creative advertisements on sidebars, footers and headers on the sites they are visiting and, after clicking on the ad, will be driven to your customized shopping page to engage with your current campaigns.

Our providers have designed multiple campaign options and price ranges for you to choose from that will conform to your budget concerns and ensure that your ads are reaching as many users as possible. By focusing your ads on these third party site spaces, this fully customizable program is sure to attract new audiences and increase traffic to your site.

How do we decide who our audience will be?

The collection process is put in motion by pulling data from thousands of segments and profiling website visitors in categories such as demographics, purchase behaviors, segmentation and media consumption. It is an affordable, precision-targeted program that sends your advertising to shoppers who would be most interested in your products and services.

What would you like people to see about your store? Whether you would like to showcase your online shopping program, weekly ad or a special sale, OTA can help you to reach the customers that your print ads are missing. All of our solutions are turn-key, with creative design and landing page setup included in the overall cost.

Contact us about taking part in this innovative way to discover new, interested customers and re-explore what you may be missing in your current market.

After graduating from the University of Missouri – Kansas City with degrees in Sociology and Anthropology, I enlisted in the United States Navy to see the world and gain life experience that a classroom couldn’t offer. Upon completion of my contract as an engineer, I began the pursuit of my scholastic passion for writing by enrolling in a Master of Arts program in Communication and by working in field-related internship programs to reintroduce myself to the industry that I’d been apart from while serving. When I’m not at work, I like to continue my role as a student of life by engaging in philanthropic endeavors with Kansas City area non-profit groups and by serving as the Co-Chairman of the KC IABC Young Professionals Organization.