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Recap: Social Media is Changing (Greater KC PRSA Luncheon)

Social media changes so quickly that sometimes it’s difficult for consumers and businesses to keep up. However, the trends in social media often change gradually over time so we don’t always notice them. At  a recent professional development lunch for Greater Kansas City PRSA, Justin Goldsborough of Fleishman-Hillard discussed the five changing trends he’s currently seeing in social media.

Media Consumption is Changing

Goldsborough cited that 75% of a person’s waking day is spent consuming media. A large part of that time is spent on digital media. The rise in popularity of the smartphone has created over one million hours of potential reach for businesses each day in the U.S. It’s not just a passing fad and it’s no longer a “nice to have” option that only some companies use.

Facebook Organic Reach is Dying

“Just because you post it doesn’t mean I see it.”

This one simple sentence perfectly sums up Facebook marketing in 2017. You don’t have to pay for every Facebook post to be boosted for higher engagement. But it’s no longer an option to include Facebook advertising in your budget. It’s only a matter of how much. Goldsborough works with large brands and companies at Fleishman-Hillard so he talked about “starting small” with only $500 for a boost. This is a very large budget for most of our retailers. Luckily you can spend a fraction of that and still reach thousands of current and potential customers in your area.

Goldsborough also used this section to discuss the importance of supporting your traditional media (print, radio and TV) with social media campaigns. He suggests figuring out how you can take traditional spots you normally use (TV, radio) & turn them into story-telling on social. Kate talked about this in her blog post about visual resonance and I talked about it in another recap of an event discussing video storytelling.

Advertising Pyramid

Advertising Pyramid


As businesses start spending more money on Facebook advertising, Goldsborough has found that it’s important to his clients to understand how the dollars spent on social media marketing are affecting their bottom line. So he uses the marketing pyramid and places digital metrics/benchmarks next to each one to determine ROI for their campaigns.



Influencer Marketing is on the Rise

In a blog post about the rise of influencer marketing that I wrote last year, I cited that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people (even people they don’t know personally) over brand content. In less than a year, that number has already jumped to 95%, according to Goldsborough. This number has been steadily increasing for years.

Because consumers are more likely to trust content from an influencer versus the actual brand, it won’t necessarily matter that a post is sponsored as long as the content is good. Goldsborough highlighted specific features that followers are receptive to if they are done well:

  • High-quality photography
  • Unique content, featuring the influencer or their family within the post
  • Natural product placement
  • Text separate from photos

He also explained the importance of moving beyond the blog for influencer content. Many influencers are shifting to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

LinkedIn is No Longer Just About Jobs

LinkedIn is #1 in thought leadership, discussion and news. If this is something that interests you within your field, LinkedIn is a great resource for information about industry trends. Two thirds of LinkedIn users keep up with industry news on this platform. While you won’t be able to use this platform to sell to your customers, it is a good idea to consider this platform so you, personally, can keep up on the trends in grocery retail.

Social Media Skills Gap is Widening

Despite how common it is for businesses to use social media marketing these days, Goldsborough stated that only 12% of businesses report that they are using it effectively. 50% of companies are still in the planning phase of rolling out an employee social media training program. So you might feel behind when it comes to your social media strategy but you aren’t alone.

Goldsborough explains that the cost of this skills gap is billions in lost revenue. You may not be using social media personally but your customers are. It’s not a passing fad and it hasn’t been for quite some time. As Goldsborough wrapped up his presentation he asserted that “now is the time” to get started with your social media marketing.

Are you ready to get started on your store’s social media? Or are you looking to enhance your current social media marketing strategy? Check out AWG’s social media program today.

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