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Cookie Crust Cheesecake Bars

AWG Brands Promotions: May Edition

Retailers: looking for content to share on your social media pages and websites? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s what’s going on in AWG Brands-land this May:

Clearly Organic BBQ Month Giveaway

When: May 1-22

How: Online through http://woobox.com/2kfwgt

The Details: The AWG Brands’ promotion of  the month for May is a BBQ Month Giveaway hosted by Clearly Organic. Customers can enter to win a prize pack filled with an assortment of Clearly Organic products and accessories that perfectly accompanies a spring BBQ. The prize is valued at up to $50. Clearly Organic will randomly choose and announce the winner on May 23 on its Facebook page.

Why You Need To Know: Retailers are encouraged to share this promotion from the Clearly Organic Website or from Clearly Organic social media posts. This giveaway’s costs are completely covered by AWG Brands and free for retailers to use.

New Recipe Video & Video of the Month

Best Choice produced a new recipe video for Cookie Crust Cheesecake Bars. Retailers can share it from the Best Choice website or download the content from here to post natively. If your store has a loyalty program, digital coupons for products featured in the video have automatically been uploaded to your platform. If you don’t have a loyalty program, click here to learn more.

The Best Choice Recipe of the Month is a tasty Garbanzo Bean Salad. Share this recipe from the Best Choice website here.


Clearly Organic Nutrition Resources

The Clearly Organic website is full of new recipes and lifestyle blog posts from our resident nutritionist, Rebecca Mueller. If you are looking to increase your store’s presence in the health and wellness arena, the Clearly Organic Nutritionist Corner is a great resource for free online content. Click here to learn more.

If you have questions about any of the content above, please contact me.

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