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Leveraging the Power of Private Label & Organics

I recently listened to a webinar from Store Brands titled The Power of Private Brands. As someone who is focused solely on marketing our private label, this webinar confirmed my belief that AWG Brands consist of great products that carry considerable growth potential.

Four key insights presented in the webinar lead me to this belief:

  1. (Almost) everyone is buying some private brand products today.
  2. Millennials embrace them.
  3. Consumers are more and more brand agnostic – they are willing to try private brands instead of always buying the national brand they consumed throughout childhood.
  4. Private brands are moving from emulation to differentiation.

These key insights present exciting opportunities for AWG Brands in a variety of areas, but one that I wanted to spotlight in this post is the organics category. If you’re reading this as an AWG retailer, you should be familiar with Clearly Organic. Through rebranding, and a focus on product innovation and expansion, Clearly Organic has been a sales success for many of our retailers.

Currently, organic only represents 7% of total brand sales.

This presents an opportunity for growth. With Millennials having a renewed and growing interest in health, nutrition, and overall wellness, organic brands are attractive to today’s consumers. During the webinar, I also learned that private brands like Clearly Organic consistently capture greater share points than the fair share of organic sales. This means people are more willing to try private label organic products.

So what do we do with all of this good news?

It’s time to market Clearly Organic. More good news: my team has constructed free resources for you to use. Start here:

  1. Clearly Organic employs a nutritionist, Rebecca Mueller, who writes weekly recipe and lifestyle blog posts for the Clearly Organic website. You can find them here. Share these posts with your consumers through your store’s social media pages and websites.
  2. Enroll in a free signage program, like Insignia. Each cycle, the in-store signage pack that is delivered to your store will include Clearly Organic and other private label signs that call out products to your customers.
  3. Share digital promotions like the current BBQ Month Giveaway with your customers. Promotions like these are 100% supported by AWG Brands, meaning they are available for our retailers to use at no cost.

Questions about any of these initiatives? Contact me and let’s grow Clearly Organic!

Why do I work at AWG? “I work with an amazing team that values creativity and innovation. I enjoy tackling new opportunities and challenges each day that, of course, always involve food!” -Cara