Food Holidays or: Every Day

People often joke that it’s always an “national something day” and despite the fact that they’re joking, they’re actually correct. There is literally a national (insert noun) day every day, and many of those nouns are food.

I recently listened to an NPR podcast about how some food holidays were born.

Many of these food holidays were created by people and organizations whose job it is to promote these items. Others were created by Congress, which reached its peak in 1985-86, when one in every three laws passed created a commemorative day, week or month. The podcast also interviewed a lady who created 1,900 holidays just because she thought they’d make someone’s day brighter. National Raisin Day has been around since at least 1910!

With nearly every day being a national “something” holiday, you’d think they’d all lose their importance, and that’s true to a certain degree. But you can pick-and-choose a few relevant ones to help drive traffic to your business and increase sales.

First of all, the abundance of food holidays make for easy social content. A quick Facebook post telling your followers it’s International Fried Chicken Day and that you have fresh fried chicken ready to go is an easy way to keep your services in the minds of your consumers. Offering them a special deal on fried chicken to celebrate the food holiday is an even better way to entice them to make a purchase they may have otherwise not thought of making.

Whether it’s National Talk Like a Pirate Day or National S’mores Day, you might as well take advantage of the endless number of possibilities this industrial complex has given us.

Just don’t do it every day.

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