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Check The Stats: Digital Signage

What are you doing with all of those TVs and monitors at the different areas in your store? Do you even have any monitors spread out to engage with your customers? If there is a deli special or new product that you’d like to introduce to your customers, you really need to start engaging with digital signage. A study conducted by Arbitron, a subsidiary of the trusted Nielsen ratings group, delivered some valuable data on digital display advertising success in retail.

As useful and necessary as it is to employ an online marketing strategy, how do you plan on engaging with the new customers you gain through those online channels? According to the study, digital media in public venues reach 27 percent more people than these endeavors. Over 50 percent of those viewers claim to recall the exact message they viewed via these digital signage tools up to a month after the initial viewing. This type of effectiveness can launch your ads and special events into the stratosphere, where quality digital display ads develop a positive reputation with your customers and motivate them to make purchases, engage with in-store programs and, simply, remind them of the reasons why they shop with you.

The study compared static signage to their digital counterparts as well, uncovering evidence to suggest the days of the chalkboard menu are over. Both digital and static signs were placed in different locations, instructing customers to visit customer service areas to receive free tote bags.

Try not to blow that soda you’re sipping through your nostrils, folks. The results were staggering.

Over the course of the entire experiment, only six people responded to the static signage offer, while 610 individuals engaged with the digital signage offer.

I’ll give you a minute to sponge that Cola off of your monitor, I reacted the same way. Imagine if this study were conducted with your weekly ad, an event you were considering for a holiday or, maybe, just some signage to inform the customers about your other marketing programs such as email or text. This marketing technique could easily promote and increase the value of your current strategies, boosting awareness to what you’re already doing well.

If you’re interested in taking a shot at the digital signage title, AWG can help. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we can get the process started on a program that works FOR you.

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