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SEO is everything illustration from DEG

SEO is Everything & Always Evolving – KCDMA Boot Camp Recap 2

SEO is everything according Quinn Sheek, the KCDMA Boot Camp’s second speaker and Director of Demand Generation at DEG Digital.

Okay, maybe not everything…

She admitted that, but also explained why SEO is now a group effort that involves many different people across disciplines. It’s no longer a one-man show designated to just an SEO expert. SEO affects professionals in IT, PR, branding, user experience, and more. Sheek shared information from SEMrush, which listed the most important factors affecting SEO ranking in 2017. These included: direct website visits, time on the site, pages per session, bounce rate, referring domains, content length, website security (https), keywords and more. With so many different components influencing SEO, where does one even start?

Here are Sheek’s suggestions for being more effective at SEO in 5 simple steps:

  1. Be curious – Why were there downward trends in your Google Analytics? How do we test and fix that? In order to be successful at SEO, you have to want to understand what is affecting web traffic.
  2. Be adaptable – Google changes its search algorithm around 500-600 times per year! Plus, there are more ads than ever that organic search results have to fight against. Be prepared to change your strategy often.
  3. Be collaborative – SEO requires a brand support staff made up of social media, PR, creative/content, strategy, IT, paid media and digital media professionals. Focus on adding value to those who help support your SEO efforts. Explain why SEO is important to their roles. Understand how they are incentivized. Make things easy for them and help them look good – give them credit where credit is due. When all of these disciplines work together to support SEO, it makes everyone’s jobs easier.
  4. Be determined – You must be focused when working on SEO because there are so many different elements to it: mobile, rankings, traffic, social speed, security, content, etc.
  5. Be patient – It can take 4-6 months to see results from SEO.

In conclusion, SEO is a team effort that takes a lot of work but in the end, it is worth it. More visits to your site, means more brand awareness and increased sales.

Special thanks to Quinn Sheek for sharing her slide deck! The image above and information in this post was all provided by her. 

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