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Online Shopping Digital Marketing

How to Promote Your Online Shopping…Online

Does your store offer online shopping? Do your customers know about the program? …are you sure that they do?

Online shopping is part of the future of grocery retail. In 2016, one in five shoppers had an online purchase and that will likely increase to one in three this year. Yet in a survey of 500 consumers, 41% of shoppers didn’t know if their stores offered online shopping (2017 Online Shopping Forecast).

As Kate mentioned in a recent blog post, online shopping isn’t an “if you build it, they will come” program. When launching an online shopping program, your marketing and advertising campaigns need to inform your customers about the program and teach them how to use it.

Kate also noted that digital marketing is key to these campaigns. While in-store promotion is necessary, digital marketing will point customers directly to the online shopping platform and that gives them a chance to see it and hopefully try it!

Here are some examples of AWG retailers who are using digital marketing to promote their online shopping programs:


Do more than include online shopping as a menu drop-down option on your homepage. Include an image (either static or slider) that highlights the program and links to the online shopping page when users click on it.

Big John Website

Greer's Website


It makes sense to include information about and links to your online shopping platform on your weekly ad emails. Your customers are already looking at the deals for the week. Make it easy for them to shop for those items online.

 Big John Email  Greer's Email

Social Media

Have fun with your social media campaigns for online shopping. Maybe you can’t create a professionally produced video, but you can easily point out the convenience of your program, explain how it works or even use a Facebook contest to create excitement around the program.

  Metropolis Big John Online Shopping Video on FacebookMetropolis Big John Facebook Link

Greer's Selfie Contest

Online Targeted Advertising

You can also use online targeted advertising to direct customers to your online shopping while they’re online using other websites.

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