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Online Targeted Advertising Webinar Recap

I recently hosted a webinar to discuss the opportunities retailers have with our Online Targeted Advertising program. During the webinar, we discussed the current digital marketing trends that point toward success with digital initiatives like OTA and how they can drive traffic to websites and stores.

To start the webinar, Christine Walsh of Brick Inc. began the discussion by outlining the four formats that this program utilizes to reach potential customers. These formats include images, text, video and audio to deliver branded and targeted messages to website visitors in locations that the user requests.

Next, Christine explained the current trends and statistics that show how adults over 18 in the U.S. view digital ads at a rate of 14 times that of print advertisements. This, coupled with the fact that over 60% of these adults prefer digital ads compared to print, offers insight into just how effective a sustained digital display campaign can be for retailers of any size.

Christine then explained a survey that detailed why these online users prefer this type of digital advertisement. The five most important outcomes that were discovered during this survey were that users wanted content that was engaging, educational, concise, memorable and relevant. With a digital campaign that can be tailored to exactly these five pillars, why not give OTA a try?

After an in-depth analysis of how to target, re-target and determine what size of spend should be utilized for a campaign, Christine delved into a case study that illustrated how successful a consistent campaign can be. After a sustained 52-week digital campaign, one retailer saw a 1,477% increase in web traffic, which translated into over 2.2 million digital coupons and reward uses and over $6 million in new revenue attributed to the campaign. Could you use an extra $6 million on your bottom line?

This type of program can be used in so many different ways that it can be difficult to imagine a situation that wouldn’t see positive benefits. From product launches to sales, events and holidays, OTA has a way for you to beat the competition before your lunch break.

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