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Blogging For Your Business

Blogging isn’t just a hobby for parents sharing meal prep ideas or dedicated fans giving their insights on the latest YA fantasy novel. Some people have turned blogging into a lucrative business. Additionally, already-established businesses can use blogging as another digital marketing platform to share their story and connect with customers. Even small businesses can use this platform and see the benefits of it if they put the work into creating and maintaining it.

Getting Started

  • Decide on a platform

    Talk to your website developer or designer about how to integrate a blog platform onto your store’s website.

    Find your voice

    Your blog voice will tie into the overall brand voice you have for your store. It’s the same voice you use in other forms of digital marketing like social media, website and email. Ultimately people like doing business with other people so find a voice that captures your business and shows the personality of your brand.

    Set a schedule

    Decide how often you’re going to publish blog posts. Do your best to stick to that schedule so your readers will know when to expect a new post. This will help when you’re building up your readership. If your customers like what they read, they’ll want to read more and expect the blog to be updated on a regular basis.

    Stock up on posts

    Write a small library of posts (approximately 10) before launching the blog so you will have several posts already published as you start building followers. The library of pre-written posts will also help you in case you get behind on writing and publishing posts. If you already have some ready to go, it’s just a matter of publishing the content.

Why Create a Business Blog?

    Expand on ideas

    A blog can help you cover longer or more substantial topics that don’t make sense for Facebook or Twitter. Both of those platforms are meant for sharing smaller pieces of information. They were actually designed as microblogs. Think of the Facebook post or tweet directing people to your blog as the newspaper headline or email subject line, and the blog post as the news story or body of the email. Use the social media platform to grab their attention and then direct them to the blog post.

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  • Drive traffic

    Blogging is another opportunity to direct customers back to your website (either from social or from email) and helps increase your SEO. Regularly updating your website and using keywords that your customers are using in searches is going to put you higher in the search results.

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  • Develop a community

    Like social media, blogs give you the opportunity to have a conversation with your customers. Make sure your blog platform has a comment section you can respond to if your customers want to comment on a post.

    Develop better customer relationships

    You can build trust with customers by being a source of information. Consumers want to be informed and they will appreciate your business if you’re the one informing them. Blogs can also help you gain additional insight about your customers. Regularly check your blog analytics to see what your customers are clicking on and engaging with so you can ensure you include more of that topic in your posts going forward.

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  • Reputation Management

    You have the ability to share information about urgent events or even address possible criticism in a longer form than just a Facebook post or a tweet. Not to mention the fact that you and your web developer can control the platform. On social media channels, the website still controls the features and content you can share, but on your blog you can control the layout, the font, the color scheme, etc.

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