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5 ways to grow your Instagram following

You started an Instagram account and post photos regularly, but how do you take it to the next level and grow your followers? Try these 5 tips:

  1. Engage with people posting pictures in your store. To do this, go to the search function, type in your store name, and look at the “places” tab. You will see public pictures that people have posted at your store. Be sure to monitor this regularly. Double tap positive pictures and also comment on them. Start a dialogue to let your customers know you care.Search example in Instagram         Instagram Location Search Example
  2. Check out followers of other accounts similar to yours. This will help you find trends and new followers. For example, Clearly Organic works with and follows several dietitians on Instagram. They post relevant information that often consists of similar content to that of Clearly Organic. Therefore, many of the dietitians’ followers might also be interested in Clearly Organic posts. Follow these people and they may follow you back.
  3. Follow relevant hashtags. Using Clearly Organic as an example again, the brand often uses hashtags like #eatclean and #organicfood. Find hashtags that are relevant to your store and engage with others who are using these same hashtags. You can also create your own hashtag. Once you start using it regularly, others will too. Thank them for using your hashtag and like their photos. See the Tippin’s example below of the #TippinsPies:Example of following a hashtag on Instagram
  4. Talk back. If someone tags your store or brand in a positive photo, be sure to like it and comment. If the photo is negative or points out a customer service issue, this is your opportunity to address it and turn the negative experience into a positive one. This is similar to Facebook. We have advice on going about this effectively.
  5. Join the community. If other businesses or local celebrities have Instagram accounts, be sure to follow them, like their photos, and comment occasionally. Be a good neighbor.

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