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Tonight’s Top 10 List: Benefits of Text Message Marketing

Have you ever received a voicemail that should’ve been a text? Frequently, people respond to the reception of a voicemail with, “Why didn’t you just text me?” This type of response can be linked to the ease of text messaging, the short attention spans we all now enjoy and the frustration that goes along with that little notification you MUST get rid of when receiving a voicemail.

To better understand how text messaging can impact your retail goals, here’s a list of the top 10 benefits of Text Message Marketing.

Instant Deliverability

What’s better than instant gratification? Cracking open a soda and hearing that fizzy pop is the only momentary lapse between purchase and satisfaction. The same is true of Text. The average time between message send and delivery is 7 seconds. Only Professional Bull Riding (If you haven’t seen the film 8 Seconds, you’re missing out.) and the occasional microwaved snack can get close to those numbers.

Flexible Platform

There’s nothing worse than limitation. With Text Messaging, you’re able to craft messages to YOUR standards, with content that YOU choose and delivery times that fit YOUR plan.

Instant Opt-In And Opt-Out

Speaking of instant gratification and flexibility, giving your customers the option to quickly opt to use your program is a great way to satisfy their needs as well as your own. You might be thinking that an instant opt-out choice would be “bad” for your Text program. While losing subscribers does hurt a little, you don’t want to be sending messages to people who aren’t engaging with you in return. Let ‘em walk.

High Open Rate

Our blog has highlighted the absurd open rates of Text in the past, 97 percent is nothing to laugh at! With the immediate delivery and notification process of phones and texting, customers see your message quickly and open it in hopes of seeing the perfect deal.

High Conversion Rate

This is where the rubber meets the road, folks. Conversion is one of the most important areas of marketing that your strategies target. By making your Text program work for you, offering promotions, contests and sales, subscribers build trust with your brand and become much more engaged with your store offerings.


In comparison to email, there aren’t any spam filters or alternate inboxes for text messages. You can rest assured that your message is being received and notifying the subscriber upon receipt.


Clear and concise. That’s the goal and number one ability with this program. There aren’t long posts and forms for the subscriber to wade through. Just a simple message that contains the offer of your choice.


Showing your customers that you’re staying up-to-date with current trends and technology can add a “cool factor” to your brand. I’m not saying that a flock of carrier pigeons dropping sale ads on customer lawns isn’t cool but, honestly, where would you store all of those birds?


Currently, there are more registered phones in the United States than there are residents. That means everyone and their alter ego, errr, their business I mean, has a phone. You have the ability to communicate to each and every person in your market.


Let’s face it, people are getting away from the paper ads that have dominated the market for so many years. Whether the process hasn’t been producing quality results, isn’t measurable or is adding to waste – moving away from physical ads and going green is a trend that can’t be ignored.

Trust me, ten benefits and reasons to try Text Message Marketing doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what can be accomplished through this program. We’ve said it before. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and we’ll even do it for you if you’d like. So, give us a call and let’s get started on the next chapter of your brand’s story.


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