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Which Online Shopping Platform is the Best for Me?

The two most common questions I get about online shopping are:

  • Which platform is the best for me?
  • Which platform is everyone else choosing?

There’s not a good way to answer these questions until we dig a little deeper about your individual store(s) and your goals. AWG has partnered with three online shopping providers that offer our retailers options to fit their different needs. The right solution for one retailer might not be a good fit for another.

Some providers build you a complete new website while others build platforms that fit into your existing website or are a part of a marketplace with other retailers. That leads to another question. You’ll have to take branding into account. Do you want your ecommerce program to be all about your brand, or are you okay with sharing some of the spotlight (along with customer data and marketing) with your provider?

Each provider has a different price point, some providers offer different pricing tiers to fit your needs and budget. Some providers charge you a transactional fee while others don’t. You can pass it along to your customers or include it in your cost of doing business online.

The best way to figure out which online shopping provider is the right fit for your store is to meet with each one for a demo to see how they each work and what they require. You can also contact other AWG retailers who are currently offering ecommerce to get their thoughts. Contact me to set up demos or come by the AWG Marketing booth at the VMC show in February or the AWG Innovation Summit in March.

You can learn more about online shopping best practices in our new video.

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