Blog Post Ideas

I know some of my team members don’t love writing blog posts. Last week at our monthly meeting I suggested that there are other options besides writing. Later in the week I attended Word Camp KC 2018. I saw two slides that you may find useful. The first was posted by Nile Flores. It’s a list of post ideas.

Later in the conference, I saw Angie Pedersen talking about editorial calendars. She did have a link to 100 blog post ideas by Chris Brogan. Here are some excerpts from that list:

  1. How What I Do Helps You Grow Your Business
  2. Get More From Your (Whatever Product/Service You Offer)
  3. How We Start an Engagement With You (onramping process)
  4. Build Your Own (Business or Project) With Our Help
  5. Meet Our Customer of the Week(Month)
  6. Learn How to ____ With ___ (customer you love)
  7. Stretch Your Budget By (something to do with your product)
  8. Industry Insights That Could Impact Your Business
  9. Need to Reach Us? Here are Many Great Ways to Connect
  10. Set Aside 20 Minutes Each Day to Do This
  1. What We Do When We’re Not Hard at Work
  2. Stop and Smell the Guns N Roses – Our Playlists
  3. Collaborate With Us on a Selfie Project!
  4. And You Thought You Knew Everything About Us
  5. Listen to our (CEO, whoever) Belting Out (some popular song, poorly).
  1. A Completely Different Take on (whatever you do) Using Low Tech Methods (tools, etc)
  2. What (your business) Would Look Like in the Real World (or online, if you’re in the real world)
  3. The One Big Guiding Principle That Explains Our Path of Action
  4. Are You Ready For (some impending technology shift)
  1. What Your Kids Can Teach You About (your business)
  2. Our Favorite Foods and What It Tells You About (your business)
  3. A Brand Is What They Say About You – Here’s How That Applies to Us
  4. If (your business) Were a High School Yearbook


Sean is a web specialist. He runs the email marketing program, helps in website design, manages social media accounts, and uploads weekly ads. In 2017, Sean started Grocer Podcast, a month show that intends to be another way to get information to retailers. Prior to joining AWG, Sean spent three years as a high school teacher. Sean is an avid cook, sports fan and Kansas Citian.