Explainer Videos Explained

At Word Camp KC 2018 I attended a session by Shane Purnell on explainer videos. The name really says it all. Explainer videos can be used for training, marketing, or education. Sometimes they are animated. Sometimes they are just a recording of a computer screen. You can include narration or simply have text. A music bed sets the tone and provides interest.

You don’t need to be an animation professional to create a quality product. There are many sites out there with templates that make the process fast and easy. I made the video above in about 15 minutes. I think with a little creativity we could use them to make some standout content for our social accounts.

There is a downside. Since I used the free version the video includes a watermark. The plans are kind of expensive, the cheapest I found was $20/month and the price goes up quickly from there. I think we would be hard pressed to get value for that price. View all of Shane’s slides here and you can find lists of sites to use to create your own videos.

Sean is a web specialist. He runs the email marketing program, helps in website design, manages social media accounts, and uploads weekly ads. In 2017, Sean started Grocer Podcast, a month show that intends to be another way to get information to retailers. Prior to joining AWG, Sean spent three years as a high school teacher. Sean is an avid cook, sports fan and Kansas Citian.