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The Best Way to Ensure a Successful Online Shopping Program

Just like in store, providing high-quality customer service can make or break your online shopping program.

In a recent digitaltrends.com article, writer Erika Rawes tries out Walmart’s free grocery pickup service, but waits more than 30 minutes from the time she pulled up to the store to collect her family’s groceries to the time she leaves. Once home, she finds out she was charged for 10 missing items.

If I personally had this experience, I doubt I’d try it again and I would guess that I’m not alone. The whole point to offering curbside pickup is to make grocery shopping easier and faster for the customer. Selecting a partner that provides a clean and user-friendly online experience is the first step, but after that, it’s up to your team to provide a pleasant experience for your customer.

First, you have to select a personal shopper who knows what they’re doing. They need to know how to pick and handle the freshest produce and other perishable items. As a customer, I’d rather not get a carton of milk (or any perishable item) that expires the next day.

Beyond selecting food as though they were shopping for themselves, your personal shoppers need to be friendly and personable. We hear positive feedback when personal shoppers include a personal note if someone gets cold medicine, wishing the customer gets well soon, or even if the note just says, “Have a good day!”

Quick service is also key. In the Walmart example, the writer spends a long time waiting for her groceries to be brought out to the car, and even more time trying to resolve the issue of missing items. Respecting the customer’s time is just as important as picking the freshest perishable items. After all, they’re doing this to save time.

Providing a quality online shopping experience is not much different than what you’re already doing to make your customers happy in the store. Treat your customers to an experience you’d want yourself and they’ll keep coming back.

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